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Engine Flush

It is important to get an engine flush from time to time. It keeps your engine clean from gunk, dirt and residue build-up. Sludge build up can cause damage to your engine or slow down performance and gas mileage. Call the experts at Ledgeview Lube to find out if an engine flush is right for you.

Oil Change

With regular oil changes, your vehicle will continue to run smoothly each time you are on the road. All vehicles are different and choosing the right type of oil makes a big difference in performance and fuel economy. All other fluids will be checked and topped off if needed when you come to Ledgeview Lube.

Tire Rotation

When you have a tire rotation it helps out the wear on your tires over a period of time is even on both the front and rear tires. At Ledgeview Lube, we inspect the condition of your tires and if needed, rotate them. This gives your tires a longer life and saves you money on gas.

Transmission Fluids

Your vehicle’s transmission is a complicated and very important to keep healthy. There are many things that can go wrong with your transmission. Complications can arise from overheating, fluid leaks, heavy pulling and simply use over time. As soon as you feel there is an issue call today!

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